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Join for a fresh perspective on intercultural relations by combining foundational cross-cultural knowledge with 21st century methodology and strategic communication. Sabrina is passionate about preparing individuals across sectors to recognize and manage cultural nuances, leading to personal and professional advancement. Let's work together to strengthen communication, understanding, and leadership across cultures as well as encourage diversity and inclusion in an increasingly multicultural and globalized world.




Turn Glass Ceilings into Glass Ladders.


Sabrina develops and implements comprehensive training programs that have helped government, non-profit, private sector organizations and individuals recognize and manage cultural nuances leading to personal and professional advancement.



As a Global Communicator Sabrina offers consultations for organizations or individuals moving oversees, opening new offices abroad or interested in internationalizing their business or craft.



Invite Sabrina to speak at your next live event, conference or retreat! She has worked successfully with women’s organizations, nonprofits, businesses, associations, young professionals groups, colleges, universities and civic groups.