Glass Ladder Group-- 2015 Was Amazing... But Watch Out 2016

Last year was a monumental year for me and my company (Glass Ladder Group). I am often in disbelief and awe at the amount of change, transition and success that I have seen in this short amount of time.

A year ago, I lived in Washington, D.C. and was working for an organization as the Acting Director. My work environment was miserable. Each week I put in way more work than my fair share and each week I was told that my consistent 13 hour work days did not matter. My life's work, intercultural relations, was not important. It did not bring in enough money and it was a waste of the institutions resources. For me this was devastating. In February of 2015 I finally decided that I would make a complete life change. A new city, a new job, a new life. Within six months I created the Glass Ladder Group and moved to sunny California. And that was the beginning of the most exhilarating experience of my life thus far. 2015 was lit. 

The Birth and Growth of the Glass Ladder Group

In July of 2015 I incorporated the Glass Ladder Group with the mission to bring intercultural relations and cross-cultural training to the millennial and future generations by providing a fresh perspective. I knew that if I combined foundational cross-cultural knowledge with 21st century methodology, new media and strategic communication I could positively impact future interactions across cultures.

This was a new and ambitious idea for the field (which frankly is a bit stuck in the past) but I was determined. I was passionate about preparing individuals across sectors to recognize and manage cultural nuances, leading to personal and professional advancement. No one could tell me that GLG's mission was unimportant and if I had to eat ramen noodles for the next year I was going to launch my company and make a difference. 

I am thrilled to say that my dream was worth following. Glass Ladder Group has successfully helped various organizations and individuals to strengthen communication, understanding, and leadership across cultures as well as encouraged diversity and inclusion in an increasingly multicultural and globalized world.

In just six months we have landed six major contracts grossing more than $100,000 and offered training courses and consultations both nationally and internationally. The dream is alive and kicking!

2016 I'm Coming For You

Even with all of that success I was still thinking small. Each time someone mentioned scaling I would slink away and come up with a reason why I didn't want GLG to grow too much. I'd make excuses about not knowing if I would be able to manage an enterprise with a [hypothetical] husband and children. I'd talk about setting "realistic" goals for myself. I'd flat-out make excuses. Over and over again I kept getting the same question, "What are you afraid of?" The truth is, I was afraid of failing. With all my booming success, I was still afraid of failing. I set up a box that I allowed myself to function within because it was safe and I could pretty easily control and predict the outcomes.

Excuse my french but... Eff that box!!! This year, I have committed to hopping out of the box that I created for myself and going far beyond what I think is possible.

Join the Glass Ladder Group Movement!

The year 2016 is the beginning of the true Glass Ladder Group movement. We are coming out the gate with interesting articles, media coverage, speakers series, interviews and tons of multi-media. If you care about intercultural relations, social justice issues and diverse leadership, and want to make an impact, join the movement! Help us to make a positive impact on society by strengthening communication, understanding, and leadership across cultures. I promise that engaging in such critical issues will help you to advance both personally and professionally by increasing your world view and knowledge.

Call me, text me, send a smoke signal or shoot me a note! I want to hear about topics you'd like to see discussed or believe you could contribute to. Sign-up below for our emails, like us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Let's work together to make a true and sustainable impact!

Glass Ladder Group is about turning glass ceiling into ladders so that we can all rise above societal barriers. And personally, I can't wait until we are all at the top of the ladder. How about you?