Invite Sabrina to speak at your next live event, conference, retreat or online telesummit! She has worked successfully with small groups of 10 people up to large audiences of over 600 attendees, including businesses, associations, women’s organizations, nonprofits, foundations, young professionals groups, fellowship programs, colleges, universities and civic groups.

Sabrina is a frequently speaks on the subjects of culture, communication, social justice and women’s rights and has spoken at numerous conferences. 

As an Adjunct Professor at American University’s School of International Service Sabrina can speak to both academic and practitioner-based schools of thought.

To book Sabrina to speak at your next event, please email us at skgarba@gmail.com or call (702) 587-0108.

Most Popular Speaking Topics

Successfully Communicating across Cultures

Using cultural awareness to achieve mutual understanding.

  • Discover how culture informs communication styles
  • Analyze your personal behavior and adapt it accordingly when communicating across cultures
  • Identify cross-cultural differences that impact communication
  • Explore effective verbal and nonverbal practices for successfully communicating across cultures

Networking in a Multicultural World

Understand different networking practices and
business implications of the cultures you will encounter.

  • Cultural basis of networking styles
  • Global differences in networking etiquette
  • Developing a culturally appropriate networking strategy

Social Networking across Cultures

Customizing your efforts to fit the online behavior of
target audiences at country levels and languages.

  • Exploring the culture of social media
  • Understanding social media usage across cultures
  • Localizing your social media strategy

Intercultural Leadership Competence

Addresses important cross-cultural aspects of global leadership.

  • Understanding culture and cross-cultural leadership
  • Qualities of a global leader
  • Managing cross-cultural teams and diversity

To book Sabrina to speak at your next event, please email us at skgarba@gmail.com or call (702) 587-0108.

Client List

Sabrina has conducted various training workshops on communication, intercultural relations and leadership; as well as developed and implemented training programs, hosted workshops and spoken for numerous organizations including:

  • Afton Chemical Corporation
  • American Geosciences Institute
  • American University
  • Delta Sigma Theta Sorority Incorporated
  • EVAWHU and The HBCU Project
  • Howard University
  • The Intercultural Management Institute
  • The Institute of International Education 
  • The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services
  • The U.S. Department of State
  • The U.S. Naval Air Systems Command
  • VDAY
  • WHUR World Radio

To book Sabrina to speak at your next event, please email us at skgarba@gmail.com or call (702) 587-0108.